Candy Lo & Sammy So unveils Beyond the Run philosophy

Running is not only physical exercise, but also makes you feel better and improves your mental health. New Balance specially invited Candy Lo and Sammy So to wear the newly launched Fresh Foam X 1080 v12 cushioning running shoes and Impact Run clothing under the theme of Beyond the Run, and shoot a short video to share them Experience taking care of your own mental health through running and other things in life to encourage everyone to pay more attention to improving their mental health.

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In addition to supporting with high-quality running equipment, New Balance also gathers the enthusiasm of runners and encourages each other through different forms of training and activities. The NBRC Hong Kong club in the sports app Strava publishes the training content set by the coach every week, and organizes running activities and reward programs from time to time. Please click the following link to join the NBRC and learn more:

What is Fresh Foam?

Fresh Foam represents a revolutionary advancement in the material that cushions the high impact foot strikes that occur on roads, tracks, courts, and fields everywhere. Informed by 3D motion captured pressure mapping and force application data gathered from real athletes. Fresh Foam is softness quantified.

Fresh Foam lineup

The Fresh Foam X 880: For the daily grind

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The Fresh Foam X 860: Essential stability

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The Fresh Foam X 1080: Ultra-cushioned performance

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Behind the design: Fresh Foam X 880v12

"880v12" was an incredible opportunity to bring ultimate cushion and comfort to reimagine our workhorse daily trainer. This is the 12th version of the 880 and our best version yet! We delivered a layer of Fresh Foam X closer to the root for a better step in and softness at impact and paired it with an energetic foam at the forefoot for toe off. An engineered mesh provides a soft and breathable fit that just melts around the foot.

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